The New Year’s Festival of Creativity in a Castle!

You’re invited to join 75 others for 5 days of music, workshops, talks, storytelling and creativity in an amazing castle in the hills 3 hours away from Prague in the Czech Republic.

It’s an 800 year old castle which has a romantic, crumbling exterior while having heated halls, beds and warm water within.

We’ll be keeping to the spirit of the summer Festival of Creativity where everyone is invited to make workshops during the day and there will be music around the fire at night and storytelling in candle-lit caverns.

The castle is surrounded by forest and streams and has its own chapel which is going to make for some amazing acoustics when we do free the voice workshops in it…

There are all kinds of spooky stone staircases and towers to climb, beautiful courtyard gardens and amazing views from all sides.

As usual, we’ll take care of all the food and tea and it’s an event without alcohol or use of phones.

Places are limited and are likely to fill up fast (come on, it’s a New Year festival in a castle!) so book your place soon 🙂


The Summer Festival of Creativity, July 2022 (exact dates to be decided)

Acro-yoga – chi kung – spoken word readings – contact improvisation – percussion – fire making – freeing the voice – creative writing – physical theatre – massage – mantra singing – the joy of dance – storytelling – theatre games – song writing – yoga – eating wild plants – bushcraft – illustration – baking cakes – juggling – anything else you can think of…

You’re invited to join 125 interesting people in a week of learning, free expression and creativity. There will be up to 12 workshops and activities a day giving you the chance to learn new skills, explore your creative potential and meet amazing people from all over the world.

We’ll be bringing in a bunch of travelling musicians to jam around the fires through the day and night and will organise activities from singing mantras at night to storytelling to collective poetry readings in the forest.

The Festival of Creativity is a different kind of festival – one where you take part! Each person who comes can propose to teach or share or organise an activity whether it’s a moonlight walk on the hill or a discussion circle on the Meaning of Life. The idea is to get involved, get inspired and share who you are.

It doesn’t matter who you are – old, young, experienced, new to this kind of thing – all that matters is that you bring a sense of curiosity and humour with you. That’s all you need to make friends and have a great time.

Photo: Andy Walker

We’ll be camping in a beautiful range of hills in the south west of the Czech Republic with a little lake and we’ll provide all the food, tea and coffee each day as we eat, sing and learn together.

Learn more about the festival!

And remember: there are just 100 places so book your place while there’s still space…