The Festival of Creativity is all about bringing together 100 interesting, creative, imaginative people to teach, learn and share together in nature. We’ll be bringing in a bunch of teachers and musicians to run workshops and perform so that there will be something creative going on all day.

The festival is all about participation and sharing though so you can write your name on the main board to offer to teach a workshop, hold a discussion or give a performance – maybe you want to share your love for blowing bubbles, or want to start a talking circle about  awakening intuition, or perhaps give a fire show…the festival is an open space for you to share your creativity!


contact improv workshop czech republic festival

Contact improv by Amelie Marandet

This is what the program looked like for one day last year:

Shiatsu or
Laughter yoga
How to give massage or
Creative writing or
Contact and martial arts dance
Henna tattoos and body decoration or
Intro to permaculture and fruit forests or
Soft tantra touching
Walking tour of the area or
Element dance or
Body voice impro

But each day is different.

Essentially you can expect something to do some of the below each day:

Spiritual Stuff
Those who didn’t go to sleep too late the night before can gather in the early morning to make meditation, stretch out with some yoga asanas or reconnect with their breathing with chi kung exercises, depending on which way it flows that day.

Creative Stuff
There will be 4 workshop slots each day, 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Subjects may range from contact improvisation to making earth sculptures to how to tell a good joke. These will be held in 3 or 4 separate areas in the festival site and you can also propose to teach or share a skill or interest.

Fun Stuff
At night we’ll be making music around the fire, or blissing out as we sing mantras over and over, or maybe listening to a storytelling performance up on the hill or maybe making open stage poetry readings with melodic instruments as accompaniment, or maybe organising some night games in the forest!

Workshop. Photo by Elba Valles

Here’s how your typical day might look:

7am – Wake up in the morning, splash some water on your face and stroll through the forest to the meditation, yoga or chi kung workshop.

Grab a quick coffee by the fire and then:

9am – Go to a workshop on juggling and connect the hemispheres of your brain by throwing some balls in the air.

11am – Go to a workshop on creative writing and learn how to invent characters and scenarios.

1pm – First food circle! Grab your plate and go to sit in the circle with new friends and be served some vegetarian food.

2pm – Attend a discussion on hitchhiking tactics and stories.

4pm – Go to a workshop on voice percussion and learn how to beatbox.

6.30pm – Second food circle – did you find time to clean your plate after lunch?

8pm – Quick! It’s time to go and check out the sunset and chat to that cute hippie with dreadlocks you met earlier in the day in the juggling workshop!

9pm – The sound of drums calls you back to the fire and it’s time to dance and sing and celebrate and try to get to bed before dawn because someone’s making a walk through the forest the next morning to show which wild plants you can eat…

The fire awaits every night. Photo by Andy Walker