We’re glad you’re coming..

[Sadly it seems we have to cancel the autumn mini-festival. In August it seemed like such a good idea…then COVID came roaring back and new restictions are in place.]

We’re looking forward so much to making some magic with you.

If you would rather make a bank transfer just write to us to ask.

Please note we have a no-refund policy but if you’re prevented from coming because the borders of your country are closed due to circumstances then you stay in credit with us for another event.

We haven’t worked out pricing for kids yet – if you’re brave enough to camp or you have a van then they’re free. But there’s limited space inside where it’s warm..

And remember..

There are just 50  places at the Autumn mini-Festival of Creativity.

The ticket price includes all your food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and all the tea and hot drinks served around the fires.

Basically once you’re at the festival you won’t need to spend any money…

You can arrive or leave whenever you like but it’s nice to be there as early as you can to create a great group energy!