We’re glad you’re coming..

You’re moments away from booking your place on a festival that might change your life 🙂

As long as you see the ticket widget below then there are still places.

[Note: the ticket widget doesn’t seem to work for the Brave browser..]

If you would rather make a bank transfer just write to us to ask.

If you have any trouble paying please let us know because it might be a technical bug we’re not aware of! It happens every now and then 🙁

And remember..

There are just 100 places available at the Festival of Creativity.

It’s a small, participatory festival so we ask that during the week you come once to the kitchen to help cut some vegetables and meet the lovely volunteers 🙂

The ticket price includes all your food (breakfast,  lunch and dinner) and all the tea and hot drinks served around the fires.

Basically once you’re at the festival you won’t need to spend any money…

You can arrive or leave whenever you like but it’s nice to be there as early as you can to create a great group energy!

Kids under the age of 12 can come for free.

Kids from 12-15 come at half-price. Write to us to let us know.


Our refund policy.