The Festival

We’ve never liked festivals much.

They’re too crowded, the food is overpriced, you drift from stage to stage getting steadily more drunk and then spend hours looking for your tent in the mud at night.

But we do like getting together, learning, sharing, making music and having a great time. And we like doing it in an atmosphere where you can sit down next to someone by the fire and make a new friend. Or where musicians start playing around the fire without a stage and you can join in. Or where everyone eats together in a big circle and there’s a feeling that you’re part of something bigger, something beautiful, something you’ll remember for the rest of the year and beyond.

The Road Junky Festival of Creativity is inspired a good deal by the rainbow gatherings  which feel more like a meeting of extended family than a festival, where everyone helps out and organises everything together. At the Road Junky Festival we’ve taken some of our favourite elements of the rainbow gatherings – eating together in a circle, making spontaneous music and workshops – and we’ve added…a little more organisation! So the food is good and on time, we invite great teachers and musicians so you can go to 4 or 5 workshops and activities a day, and there will always be a melody in the air somewhere.

We were also inspired a great deal by the Australian festival, Confest, where everyone who comes has the opportunity to run a workshop, teach or share an activity. When everyone who comes feels like they can also be actively part of the festival, whether they’re teaching something or just singing together around the fire, then the barriers between organisers and participants dissolves and suddenly we’re just all there together in an amazing natural setting.

You can’t spend any money at the Festival and there’s a discount if you give a workshop or run an activity.

There are also just 100 places available so that we keep an intimate atmosphere to the festival where we can make friends quickly.

And there’s no alcohol or drugs – it’s just about a whole bunch of interesting, creative people coming together to have a great time in nature and getting high on music and good times alone.

That’s our kind of festival.