Submit your festival or retreat for free promotion!

If you organise a retreat or festival or similar event you’ll know that the hardest part of the job is getting the word out to people who might want to come.

Yet though we all want to bring people to our events we’re not in competition with each other. Our events are in different places at different times and maybe someone who has already been to our event would like to go to yours.

So let’s help each other out!

We run the Cool Events and Festivals in Europe group on Facebook and we’re beginning to send out four newsletters a year with a summary of all the cool events going on in that quarter.

So rather than sending out news of your event to just your existing network, we can put all our mailing lists together and teach tens of thousands of potential guests!

We will never send out any newsletters to the list except about these retreats and festival in Europe and we’ll only include events that we think are interesting and cool.

Sound good?

Just write to us below and tell us:

– what your festival/retreat/event is about
– when it is
– how many people you have on your newsletter list

Looking forwards to working with you!

Tom Thumb
Organise of the Road Junky Festival of Creativity and the Road Junky Sahara Retreat in Morocco.